Jewelry Sizing Guide

In daily life, whether the size is appropriate has been our concern, and the purchase of jewelry will also encounter the same problem, do not worry, the following will tell you how to choose the right jewelry size.

Female Necklace Length Guide

  • 14 inches (35 cm): tight to the neck
  • 16 inches (40 cm): the length of the neckline
  • 18 inches (45 cm): descends close to the collarbone
  • 20 inches (50 cm): down to the bottom of the collarbone
  • 22 inches (55 cm): close to the neckline
  • 24 inches (60 cm): drop to the position of the collar

Male Necklace Length Guide

  • Male necklaces generally only have three specifications:
  • 18 inches (45cm): close to the base of the neck, it is a small necklacer
  • 20 inches (50cm): close to the clavicle, it is the most common size
  • 24 inches (60cm): dropping to the chest position